What We Do

Poverty Relief

& Financial Aid

Yayasan Yara recognises the challenges of the poor, impoverished and the low-income members of our community. Poverty can be a vicious cycle which can trap families for generations especially in the urban poor community. Yayasan Yara provides financial assistances and contributions to those families faced with the rising cost of living in areas of childcare, household and medical expenses. In addition, we also reach out to the homeless, the elders and those in deep poverty through efforts such as the soup kitchens project and many others.

Learning and Education

We believe that education remains as the most fundamental core of the success of a community, and is the key component of a successful nation. Yayasan Yara would like to dedicate efforts and resources to providing learning opportunities to the young and those who are less fortunate, to continuously pursue beneficial knowledge and education. Yayasan Yara had set up Free Tuition Centres and Outreach School Programs in the Klang Valley. This program offers weekly free tuition classes to the poor children in the area in selected subjects such as Mathematics, English and Bahasa Malaysia. Presently, we are continuing and sponsoring some of these programs through PIBG of various schools. Yayasan Yara has also plan to establish a Scholarship Fund, to assist the underprivileged students and orphans in schools, colleges and universities. Financial aids are also given out via the ‘Back to School’ program in collaboration with several NGOs on a yearly basis.


& Special Programs

Yayasan Yara believes in helping to provide the less fortunate with the proper skills and tools for them to be self-reliant and independent in carving out their life’s path. We also collaborate widely with other NGOs who are also working with the marginalised sectors of the society. Through these collaborations, we hope to be able to empower them with the right skills to help them earn sustainable income and climb out of the poverty trap.

Community Engagement and Cooperation

Yayasan Yara regards community engagements as the heart of all its activities. This is achieved by interacting and cooperating with the multi-faceted members of the society to collectively achieve the common goal of social welfare and humanitarian relief. We have collaborated with several NGOs and other organisations in the past to implement special community engagement programs.