Making a positive impact

in the lives of the less fortunate

in the community.

What We Do

Yayasan Yara approaches service to the community holistically. While our intentions are to help individuals and families to overcome their life’s’ challenges and be self-reliant and independent, we acknowledge that their problems are all very different from one another. As such, we have four different main areas of activities targeted towards different needs within the community.

Poverty Relief & Financial Aid

We recognise the challenges of the poor, impoverished and the low-income members…


& Education

Assisting and providing learning opportunities amongst the young and the less fortunate…

Capacity-building & Special Programs

Empowering the weak and needy with the proper tools and resources to improve their…

Community Engagement

Interacting and cooperating with the multi-faceted members of the society to collectively…

How Can You

Play A Part?

“Our hope is that the collective impact of our humble efforts can inspire others to work towards similar goals for the betterment of all in society”